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А никто не хочет жизнь сменить? (работорговля)

На постоянную позицию в Дублин требуется человек, который плюс-минус попадает под следующие критерии:

----------------------------- начало описания -----------------------------
****Please find attached an excellent C / C++ Win 32 API developer position that is based in Dublin *****

My client is one of the best companies in the world. They have a technical environment that is second to none. They are looking to take on 3 developers with low level C / C++ experience. You will come into a truly unique environment.

Please find the specification below for your consideration.

Responsibilities / Accountabilities:
You will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the core-internals and low-level libraries of our system. You will assist in the integration with these libraries. You will write design documents and API documents. You will assist in the writing of Test Plans / Procedures. You will also mentor junior engineers.

You need a track record of delivering products. You must be an expert with programming to the core of the Windows 32-bit (or 64-bit) API. This means you must have extensive experience with several of the following aspects of the Windows API Base Services: Processes, Threads, NT Services, Synchronization, File I/O, Interprocess Communication, Memory Management. You must be able to work with large, complex systems. You must have a strong grasp of data structures and object-oriented programming.

Skills / Experience Required:
- 7+ years as a C/C++ Software Developer (more experience desired)
- 5+ years as a Windows Developer
- 3+ years as a System Software Developer
- B.S. in Computer Science, M.S. or PhD highly desired.
- Windows API Base Services: Processes, Threads, NT Services, Synchronization, File I/O, Interprocess Communication, Memory Management.
- Excellent written and verbal skills.
- Demonstrate strong analytical and problem solving skills.
- Ability to adapt to changing priorities and to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.
- Ability to work well with other Highly Talented individuals

Following experience or attributes are highly desirable:
- 2+ years experience with mission critical, 24/7 operations
- 2+ years with enterprise-scale applications
- Real-Time Systems programming
- Fault-tolerant computing, Windows Clustering
- Network Programming, WinSock, TCP/IP, OpenSSL
- Security, Encryption Algorithms, Random Number Generation
- Compression Algorithms, gzLib
- System Monitoring, SNMP
- Database Programming, ODBC, ADO/ADOX, SQL programming
- Transactional Processing
- Porting to 64-bit O/S
- Mobile Computing
- Perl, Python, Shell Scripting, Unix, Gnu Utilities

My Client will offer OUTSTANDING Salary, Bonus and benefits.

***Interviews to happen immediately - there are 3 roles so please feel free to send on this email to your friends*****
----------------------------- конец описания -----------------------------

Что могу добавить от себя: в принципе это неплохой с моей точки зрения, вариант для тех, кто решил перебраться в Европу: найти позицию лучше, уже находясь здесь, куда как проще и легче. Кроме того, я знаю автора этой объявы по предыдущему сотрудничеству, мужик он адекватный, а, главное, деловой. Так что ежели кому ветра перемен захотелось, пишите в личку, а дальше все как обычно(я вас свожу, танцуете сами).